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Code of conduct

1. I will not force my child to do a team sport in which he does not want to participate, also in order not to penalize his teammates. I therefore recognize that my child exercises this sport for his pleasure and not for mine.

2. I recognize that soccer is a team sport and that repeated and / or unjustified absences will harm all the players on this team. So I think about this fact before registering my child at FC Morin-Heights, regardless of the level (local or competitive). I also try to warn the coach in advance (48 hours) if my child has to be absent from a game and / or practice. Note that the coach can decide to penalize a player for his playing time if these rules are not respected, whatever the level of play of my child (respect compared to the other players of the team).

3. I will teach my child that doing their best (effort) is much more important than winning, and I will compliment them whenever they put in a good effort. I will play down defeat, and recognize that mistakes are part of learning. Winning doesn't mean playing well.

I encourage and I help create a positive atmosphere both in my actions and in my language. I do not tolerate or encourage physical or psychological violence (staff, supporter, referee).

4. I recognize the good moves of both teams (encouragement).

5. I accept all the decisions of the referee, without ever questioning his integrity. I recognize that he is doing his best and I grant him the same right to make mistakes as my child. Without a referee there is no match.

6. I acknowledge that  the coach is also doing his best and I give him the same right to make mistakes as I would if I were a coach and a volunteer myself. I do not go against his decisions in match situations (eg  : playing time, technique, tactics, positions). I work in collaboration with him (calm discussion fixes all the problems) and I respect the rules of the team as well as the arrival times. If necessary, I communicate with the management of the Club to discuss it.

7. I do my best to know the rules of the sport to prevent ignorance from biasing my judgment towards the decisions of the various leaders.

8. I set an example for my child and those of others  ; I therefore encourage him to

follow the rules of the game, respect his teammates and opponents as well as resolve conflicts respectfully.

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