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Grassroots is a U4 to U8 initiation program, where children can learn the basics and joys of soccer on Saturday mornings for twelve weeks from June 8 to August 24. If your child turns four years old in the reference year (between January 1st and December 31st) he/she will be able to be part of the U4 group. One hour sessions on Saturday mornings allows players to improve their motor skills, attention span and learn the first rules of a team sport. The bilingual component of our program has made its reputation.


The CDC U9-U12 program is based on the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) Long Term Player Development (LTPD) plan. The CDC is a new training program that focuses on individual player development through various drills and games. The games will be played in a group format.  This means that all groups in the same category should play their game of the week on the same day.  Ideally, games will also be played at the same location against groups from the same club.  The schedule will be set by the  Association régional de soccer  (ARS).

The competitive program offers participation in a competitive league for players aged 13 to 21. The players are supervised by certified volunteer coaches and have practices and a game once a week during the summer season (usually late May to early September). This program is for the player who wants to improve his skills during his competitive season or just for the fun of the game. Everyone is welcome to play; no assessment is performed or required.

Registration and fees

Consult the registration page  for the fee schedule.

Register using the "register" button on the registration page of the website which will take you to an online registration system.

To view the refund policy click here.

What to expect

For the Grassroots program


Introductory soccer program for ages 4 to 8 starting June 8 and ending August 24 for twelve Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. (4-6 year old) and 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (7-8 year old) on the Morin-Heights soccer field (647, ch. Du Village).  Once registration is complete, check your emails a few weeks before the season starts for all the details.


For the competitive program  

Depending on the registrations received for each age group, this determines the group and assigned coach for each player. Teams are registered with ARSL at the end of March each year and in May the club better understands the needs of each age group. At that time, coaches and assistant coaches will communicate with parents regarding scheduled practice and game times. As each coach and assistant coach is a volunteer, training hours are planned according to their availability. Usually there are practice sessions once a week and one game a week.

Volunteers - coaches, referees

Our programs are run by volunteers. Coaches are usually parent volunteers who have either played soccer, coached other sports, or are willing to get involved and learn. For those who wish to become a coach, the club offers the required training through weekend courses at the ARSL.

For more information please write to

High school students or adults with soccer experience or not can also get involved by becoming an assistant coach or by serving as a referee or linesman. Those interested in applying for a volunteer position should contact the Technical Director at


Grassroots uniforms become the property of the player and the distribution of uniforms are usually done one week prior to the first session.

All Grassroots players (U4 to U8) will receive:


  • One (1) pair of socks;

  • One (1) pair of shorts;

  • One (1) jersey;

  • A practice ball.

The distribution of the uniforms are made at the first practice via the coaches.

All players (U9-U21) will receive:


  • One (1) pair of socks;

  • One (1) pair of shorts;

  • One (1) training t-shirt;

  • One (1) competition jersey.

All the equipment become the property of the player.


Players must be equipped with cleats, shin guards and sports goggles (if needed).

Refund Policy

Politique de remboursemen

Reimbursement can be made for medical reasons or moving according to the following conditions: ​

Before March 31 100%
Before April 15 75%
Before May 1 50%
Non-refundable after May 1

The refund request must be sent to: The refund will be made directly to the credit card used during payment If the reason for reimbursement is not a medical condition or a move, the refund will be offered in the form of credit

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